Monday, November 14, 2016

Veterans Day is every day

I hope everyone is feeling better about the election being past us and moving ahead.  I am exhausted by reading, hearing and watching the news, its been an emotional rollercoaster  dealing with all of the NYC vibes and those of friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Last Saturday night,  SNL was hosted by Dave Chappelle and it was actually FUNNY! He is a brilliant comedian and after 11 years of being off stage he chose a great time for a come back to give this country a laugh.
It was also Veterans Day weekend and it reminded me that our problems and issues in life can be quite small compared to those of servicemen/ women and their families.

I was privileged to have been invited for a private tour of the USS Iwo Jima-  a US NAVY Wasp -Class amphibious assault ship commissioned in 2001 and in active service based in Jacksonville, Florida.
The tour was fascinating, the ship is impressive and the officers we met and spoke with were wonderfully charming, intelligent , brave and had a positive attitude about the work they are doing. I was struck by the humility of these young sailors... some had just returned from tours in Afghanistan, recovered from their injuries and happy to be back at sea. 

 The flight deck on a beautiful afternoon in NYC with the Hudson River as a backdrop.

The Bridge of USS Iwo Jima

Flight Deck flying machines

Thank you to the USS IWO JIMA for an educational and fascinating fun afternoon with you.
In conversation with the commanding officer, captain and Boatswain, they mentioned how they could not believe that the city had been so "NICE " to them. They were given tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, tickets to Broadway, Metrocards, tickets to JETS football game and various other NYC tours and freebies....
In my opinion there are not enough freebies for these men and women to thank them for the work they are doing to protect our country.
I am so impressed and honored to have spent time learning about the ship they call home and given a glimpse into their lives on board. It is non stop work when they are underway and I wish them safe journeys and may they return home after every deployment.

We are fortunate to have so many talented and brave men and women serving in our armed forces, may we always remember to thank them for their service and not forget their efforts and sacrifices.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Letter to the Clinton campaign

Dear Campaign,
I am sorry you lost the election, it hurts and many are hurting with you. However, it is also time to review and learn from possible mistakes which should not be repeated by the next woman to run for president and lead our country.
New York City is a different world unto itself, nothing compares to us and therefore all of the support and money from this circle does not reflect the rest of the country.
In my opinion it is difficult if not impossible for women who are struggling to put food on the table to believe that Hillary Clinton was with them.
The millions of women across the country who struggle daily with not having enough money to pay rent, feed children, pay bills and head up a household can't possibly feel connected to a woman who is constantly in the company of rock stars and celebrities preaching about her understanding for women who struggle.
The women who struggle can't afford a concert ticket or a movie ticket and did not connect!
Can you blame them? This is a real concern and most of us live in a bubble about what is happening across the country.
Women need to have hope and keep their dreams alive, when there is hope there is possibility.
If we can recognize this need and address appropriately, we will make a difference in the lives of many women of all ages and demographics.

I do not have the answers but I do see an urgent need to connect with women and work at their level whatever it may be, communication is more than words it is empathy, kindness and understanding.

The election is over and the country, our fellow citizens and neighbors, have cast their vote and whether you agree with the outcome or not, the deed is done.
After 8 years of building a relationship with President Obama we will be starting a new and it is unnerving.
As a country we should come together to heal from all the ugliness of a long election campaign and try to comfort each other in an age of uncertainty.  Women need to look beyond their inner circles, get out of their comfort zone and connect with other women, this is how we can help others.
It does not behoove us to remain negative and closed off from our reality, we should strive to make it better where we can and the first step is acceptance.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving forward post election

It was an exhausting election campaign.... election night was as exciting as watching World Series Game 7 ( I am not even a baseball fan) and thankfully it is finally over!!

The people of this great country have voted and it was not a vote that can be contested therefore it is time we move on and get on with it.
We need to stop the bickering, the taunting, the threats of moving to Canada...ENOUGH.... we must work together and we must move ahead not away from this country.

If you are a Trump supporter you are rejoicing and if you are a Clinton supporter you are devastated but all the hard work that both of these candidates, their teams and families have done should not be forgotten.
It is time to look ahead and come together if you truly want a better place to call HOME.

The United States is a great country made up of all races , religions and belief systems, we will never be a utopian society but we should be remain decent and honorable.

Hope should prevail and we should all move forward as we are fortunate in many ways- we have freedoms , we are not dying in Aleppo or starving under President Maduro and we will have a WOMAN president one day! Important to not give up on our dreams....

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day is here

Every VOTE counts and our voices matter, today is the day to walk, run, drive or ask for help getting to a polling booth to cast your ballot.
GO !
Happy and Safe Election Day to all
Hillary and Donald


Monday, November 7, 2016

The good, the bad and the ugly- its time to vote

The end is near, we can look forward to election day with hope that most of the nonsense in the media will quiet down.
No matter how tired you are of all the media coverage, Tuesday November 8th is the day to go out and cast your VOTE!!

The best part of this photo is that both are chocolate bars...
Happy and Safe Election Day to all!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween in New York City

The end of the month is here and its been a wild October in both politics and weather! Sunday the temperature in NYC reached near 76 degrees and it was balmy.
Its October 31 and that means Halloween is is the day children dress up, get lots candy and parents end the day with hyper, sugar laden kiddies that refuse to sleep!!
I have vivid memories of my poor mother trying to control my candy intake by making me organize and count how many of each chocolate, jolly ranchers and Swedish fish I had collected in my candy bag...hahahaha it never worked but did calm me down for a bit.
In addition to all the parties and festivities that we all dress up for the city dresses up for Halloween too. The beautiful townhouses in the West Village are adorned with webbing, bodies hanging from trees, hands on banisters and pumpkins galore. The same holds true for the Upper East Side and Upper West Side homes where the creative spirits go wild and its fabulous. On the Upper East Side the wonderful neighbors of 92nd street between Madison and Lexington avenues not only decorate their homes but they open their doors for trick or treaters from throughout the “hood” and its a great night out.
I am ready for the little ones, big ones and the parents passing through later today , I hope you are too as its a day that brings out the candy loving child in all of us! Below are some of my favorites house decorations from various neighborhoods in the city-  there are so many to see and its worth a walk around town before they are replaced with equally fabulous holiday decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Wishing all a Happy and Safe Halloween night!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Are Children the answer ??....not for some

I think family is a wonderful thing , during times of good and bad when we have our family and friends we muddle through things and life is better for them.

However, it seems there is a "trend" to be honest about having children amongst "some" women and the magazine Marie Claire has investigated this growing group of regretful women and put forth an article about Mothers who regret having kids...

I have no regrets nor do my friends who had a child and those who chose not to have them...
Life is about balance and you may think you have it all but at what cost?
and if you "have it all" how well is this going...really?

As the wonderfully independent and quirky KATE once said:

Live your life as you want to and try not to piss off too many people along the way as life is short and the journey is more fun than arriving!
Happy Monday All.....

Loss of a friend

You never prepare for death and you should not live your life waiting for death but it is a reality we must all face. I answered a call on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as I walked past the MET and it changed my life in an instant. It was a call from a friends wife who stoically was able to get through the words that he had died a few hours earlier...
I hoped that I had heard incorrectly and that the surrounding noise would drown out the reality but it did not.  I stopped on the corner and cried with her as she spoke of her disbelief and pain....there are no words to comfort and there is no way around the finality of death.

It has been a few days now since that tragic call and after spending time with his wife and family trying to make sense of a life taken too soon there is nothing we can do but celebrate life and Ken had a wonderful life.

Ken lived a life that was filled with adventure, exploration, challenges and friends throughout the world. He was an educator who inspired students in the sciences and marine life. He was a technical scuba diver and instructor who traveled the world seeing as much underwater as above. He was also a cameraman and videographer with a wealth of beautiful images and exciting video from his many expeditions and projects.

He was a west coast fellow with a NY sense of humor which translates into "he had seen it all" and nothing fazed him.
He and his wife Leslie love animals and have always adopted strays and rescues, they share their life with an 11 year old Bischon pound pup but as a science teacher Ken also inherited a menagerie of assorted school critters which have included a guinea pig, hamsters, snakes and limbless frogs.

Our friendship began over 15 years ago when he walked into Mad Dog Expedition offices and introduced himself and said he would love to join us on diving adventures. It was meant to be that our paths crossed...He has been a friend through my building a business, adopting and losing my rescue dogs, break ups, death of my mom and marriage.  We traveled and worked together locally and as far away as the High Arctic. Most recently we began working on a non profit project that will benefit kids through educational programs. His vision is far reaching and he had much work yet to accomplish.  Ken has been my friend through my growing up years and was always positive about the future even when I wasn't.
My husband and I spent time with him over lunch and a doggie play date less than a week before his death.  We did a little business, had lunch and walked in Central Park. He was as happy and relaxed as I had ever seen him. We were thrilled to hear of his plans to travel with his wife and get back into exploration projects.  He loved going to their weekend home in Mass where he could ride his ducati, relax with Leslie by his side and be by the ocean.

His sense of humor and his laugh will be forever missed but his spirit shall remain strong and vibrant through all the work he did which shall continue through his friends and family.
Thank you Ken for sharing your life with us, you lived a great one!